Weigh In – Week 5

I finally got around to buying batteries for my Wii Balance Board, so I am now weighing myself with that as I figure it will give me a more accurate reading. So even though I have gained 1.1kg since last week I am not overly worried about that.

I lost 1cm on my waist, but nothing on my hips, need to find a good exercise for them.

Starting weight: 83kg
Goal weight: 70kg
Current weight: 82.1kg
Loss last week: +1.1kg
Weight left: 12.1kg

Starting waist : 87cm
Goal waist: 80cm
Current waist: 81cm
Loss last week: 1cm
Waist left: 1cm
Starting hips: 112cm
Current hips: 112cm
Loss last week: 0cm