Tuesday Tunes – Wonderful – Janet Devlin

I officially started back at Uni yesterday. Technically I have finished for the year, but I have decided to do units over Summer session. I was going to be doing 2 units, but when my learning sites became available on Blackboard there were 4 units there. I looked at them all and there are only 2 assessments for each one which I think is achievable, and given our tight money situation I won’t really be doing anything over Summer anyway, so why not knock off a couple more units while I am poor hehe.

Anyway, I was listening to music on YouTube the other night and this song came up on my feed as a suggestion. I wasn’t to sure about it on the first listen, but ever since I have had it bouncing around in my head, and have found myself singing it under my breath at random intervals.


My Best Friend is amazing

So yesterday morning I discovered that Regina Spektor (who is my favourite musician in the whole entire world) is playing in Brisbane next week. Unfortunatly I have $0 available to buy a ticket and was totally bummed. I told my best friend about it yesterday when we were at work, and today when she came in she tells me that she has bought me a ticket for the concert next Thursday! Seriously, BEST FRIEND EVER!

I am so very very excited.