ShoeDay was ment to be yesterday, but I was having a bad day yesterday and really didn’t feel like doing anything when I got home from work (I ended up snuggled in bed with a book before the kids were in bed, eeeek)

But I did have it planned, so I am going to go through with it, so here is yesterdays ShoeDay post today.

I bought the white shoes from my last ShoeDay post from Style Tread, they have free shipping and returns Australia wide which really appealed to me as I am quite picky with my shoes. And ever since then I have been eyeing off other shoes from there, the latest pair I want are these lovely aqua/green pair that would go lovely with a dress I made a few months back.



My New Shoes

so the last few weeks I have bought a couple of pairs of shoes, one pair a very inappropriate pair of stiletto heels to wear to a friends wedding, the other a pair of very appropriate runners to replace the crappy old Kmart brand ones that were falling apart (I actually bought those yesterday when were were going bushwalking and I realised the sole was coming off the old pair).

I really love shoes, so I dub Saturdays ShoeDay on my blog, I am going to either post about my newest ones (which probably wont happen too often) or the ones I am currently drooling over.

So here are the two newest in my wardrobe (and the inappropriate ones are actually quite comfy, just not as much as the Nikes).