Throwback Thursday

In an attempt to start using my blog more I have decided to get on the Throwback Thursday bandwagon. And thanks to my mother’s obsession with uploading old photos of us on Facebook, I have a large supply of photos to share hehe.

This photo was taken on New Years Eve 2000 with my little brother and sister. I was 15! I remember my friends and I buying glitter bath bombs and a tin of glitter dust (which I still have!) from the Body Shop so we would be glittery all night. I was very much in love with the top I was wearing and I remember burning it with the iron and being devastated (the mark on the front is not the burn, it had a flower design on it).



An About Me post

just doing one of those personal questionaire things cause I am bored.

A: Age. – 28
B: Where I’m from. – born in Sydney, living in Lismore
C: Where I would like to live. – Where ever my family is
D: Favourite food. – thats hard, maybe really good hot chips Continue reading