Hip Hip Hooray…

…it’s my Birthday! hehehe

Today is my Birthday, and I have the day off work, in fact I am on the last day of a three day weekend thanks to my lovely boss.

It has been a pretty productive weekend, I managed to finish the last block of my Summer Sampler quilt and get all the sashing and borders on. I sashed it in an aqua and then did a yellow border around it and then I plan on binding it in a purple. Took me ages at the quilt store to pick colours that matched the fabric in the blocks, its not a perfect match but its pretty close. I did make the sashing and border quite large, so I could make it fit our bed, the sashing is 5inches and the border 10. Hopefully it will still look good when its all finished, just have to work out what I want to do for the backing.

The boys an I made some Christmas stocking using some Blitzen fat quarters I had in my stash, they picked out the fabrics they wanted and put them in the order they wanted. Shannon went for the no colour touching itself look, and Rohan decided that he would pair the colours up so it went red, red, green, green, aqua, aqua ect. I have to admit it sounded silly at the time, but I do like the finished stocking lol. We used the Scrappy Stocking tutorial over at the Art Gallery Fabrics site.

As for Birthday stuff, the boys got me The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien, we are all hyped up in our house for the release of The Hobbit movie, so its pretty good timing (Shannon is reading The Hobbit at the moment, and I am rereading Lord of the Rings). And Garry got me this pretty necklace, its made out of a spoon.

Anyway, off to go do some more sewing before we have to go get the kiddos from school.


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