Summer Sampler Quilt

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately, so not much on the dieting or exercising front. I have however been doing a fair bit of sewing.

I made a witch costume to wear on McHappy Day last Saturday.


I have also been sewing a quilt using the Summer Sampler Series as a pattern. I am really enjoying it so far and only have the Kansas Dust Storm block left to go and they are all made, although I am considering remaking the Greek Cross block as it looks noticeably smaller than all the others, or I might just add a border to it.

I also made a boo boo on this block, and even though I made it a few weeks ago I only noticed the mistake on Tuesday when I was taking the photos. Can you spot it? I’m thinking I will just leave it, see how many people notice it when I have quilted it.


Here are the other blocks close up, I have cut out all the pieces for the last block, I just have to sew it together.



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