Weigh In – Week 6

Personally not seeing much difference this week after last week, did loose 1cm on my waist but nothing anywhere else, and the weight is still the same, what is up with that?

I have been pretty good lately, trying to eat the healthier stuff, with just the occasional treat in small proportions, maybe I need to have no treats?

I also worked out every day last week but Thursday and Saturday, and I have ben doing the Couch to 5K running app, and managed to go 5K’s running 1 minute, walking 90 seconds. That is a big deal as even when I was a kid and fairly fit I could never run long distance.

Fingers crossed next week has better results.Starting weight: 83kg
Goal weight: 70kg
Current weight: 82.1kg
Loss last week: 0kg
Weight left: 12.1kg

Starting waist : 87cm
Goal waist: 80cm
Current waist: 80cm
Loss last week: 1cm
Waist left: 0cm
Starting hips: 112cm
Current hips: 112cm
Loss last week: 0cm


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