Weigh In – Week 4

I kind of forgot about weighing in last week, oops, but guess thats not a big deal really. My diet was a little bit bad a couple of days last week, but I did start walking again the week before, an Garry made me run around the park with him which killed.

Starting weight: 83kg
Goal weight: 70kg
Current weight: 81kg
Loss last week: 0kg
Weight left: 11kg

Starting waist : 87cm
Goal waist: 80cm
Current waist: 82cm
Loss last week: 2cm
Waist left: 2cm
Starting hips : 112cm

Even though I didn’t loose any weight this week, I am glad that I still did the measure and photos, as I can actually see a difference between the last one and this one, I think if I hadn’t done the photos I would probably be quite bummed out about the no lost weight, and while I want to loose weight I think the more important thing is loosing cm’s and toning up more. Lets see what happens next week.


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