Question Time

So lets start of this blog with some questions about me.

What is Your Name? – Natasha

How old are you? – 27

Do you have any siblings? – one brother and one sister

What is your eye colour? – Brown

What is your hair colour? – Brown

Do you wear glasses or contacts? – Glasses, I would like to wear contacts but I have been warned off them by my optometrist as I have sensitive eyes

Are you right handed or left handed? – Right handed

Do you have any piercings? – just one hole in each ear, got them done when I was 1 and am too chicken to get any more

Do you smoke? – nope

Do you swear? – yes

Do you get along with your parents? – yes

Your fears – spiders and magpies

Goal you would like to achieve this year – weigh 70kg

Your bedtime – 11ish

What time do you arise in the morning? – fish

First thoughts waking up? – do I have to go to work?

Do you shower daily? – ewww, yes, the idea of not is just gross

This Or That?
Bright or dark room? – bright

Chocolate or vanilla? – if its good chocolate than chocolate, but if its not good quality I would pick the vanilla

Dogs of cats? – I like both, but probably dogs if I had to choose

Pepsi or Coke? – coke

McDonalds or Burger King? – well I work at McDonald’s so I guess I have to say that, but then I do usually choose McDonald’s

Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea? – I drink my tea hot, no sugar, dash of milk, iced tea is not tea

Cappuccino or Coffee? – latte?

In the last month have you…
Drank alcohol? – yes

Gone to a mall? – I work in one so I go there almost every day

Eaten a box of Oreos? – no

Eaten sushi? – no, but now I want some

Been on stage? – no

Been dumped? – no

Gone skinny dipping? – no

Stolen Anything? – no

Have you ever…
Laughed for no reason? – yes

Been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to do? – yes

Been in love? – yes

Fired a gun? – no

Been drunk? – yes

Been called a Tease? – no

Been beaten up? – no

Shoplifted? – when I was 5 I took a pair of earrings from Kmart so I could show my mum, she got really angry with me and made me take them back to the customer service desk and apologise

What was the last….
Furry thing you touched? – my friends dog Clay

Song you’ve listened to? –

(Who was the last) person you’ve spoken to on the phone? – Garry

Movie you watched? – Hotel Transylvania

Thing you were doing before this? – Eating my dinner

Time you cried? Sunday

Song you’ve sang? –

Time you looked at the clock? – 6pm

Food and drink you’ve had? – Fish with mixed herbs, steamed vegetables, water

Flavour of gum you’ve chewed? – I don’t chew gum

Shoes you’ve worn? – my work shoes


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