Welcome to the world little one…

Throughout our pregnancy we were determined that we would not go into labour until New Years at the earliest. We were going to have a January baby. My brother has his birthday on the 29th of December and I know that it can be horrible to have a birthday so close to Christmas (seriously why do people even consider a joint Christmas/birthday gift?).


We were travelling along well, bub was growing at the expected rate, I was having no complications, and it even looked like I would come out of the pregnancy with a lower weight than I started with thanks to aversions to fatty foods. Then on December 18, when I was 36+3 weeks pregnant, I started to have contractions. And by started I mean instantly three to four minutes apart, and fairly intense (or so I thought). I called my midwife after about half an hour of contractions and it was decided that I should come in to be monitored.

So hubby and I inform the boys that they may have a new sibling, collect our hospital bag, and head off to the birthing suite at our hospital. I am hooked up to the monitors and have the confirmation that I am indeed having regular contractions. I felt uncomfortable, but it seemed like every other contraction would be stronger followed by a more weak one. It was decided that I should stay in for the night to be monitored because of being pre-term, but the doctor said he didn’t think much more would happen.

And he was right. By 3.30am the contractions had all but stopped. I was getting the odd one every hour or so after that for the rest of the morning, but nothing else. I ended up back home by 11am, feeling relieved bub hadn’t decided to arrive, but also frustrated that I had gone through a fairly sleepless night for nothing. On the plus side, at least we kind of had a practice run for when real labour came. And the view from my room was pretty nice when I woke up that morning.

From that point on hubby was overly cautious about what I could and couldn’t do around the house. He would give me orders to leave all the house work to him, even though he was working too, just in case I set off more contractions. It was kind of torture really, as I was definitely going through the nesting phase, I wanted to go and clean out our laundry in anticipation for me spending a lot more time there cleaning nappies after bub arrived. I wanted to clean out and rearrange all the cupboards in the kitchen. I wanted to just clean in general. But I didn’t, I decided to wait it out until January 1st then go nuts with the cleaning.

But baby had other plans.

We went to bed early on the 29th of December (my brother’s birthday) because hubby started work early the next morning. There were no indications that anything was about to happen. At about 9.45 the room lit up when my phone got a notification. Normally my phone is set to do not disturb from 10 so that I can sleep without any interruptions, but if I go to bed early I will manually set it. I had forgotten to do this, so rolled over to do so and suddenly felt wet like I had peed myself. Only I didn’t feel like I had peed. I got out of bed and headed off to the toilet to clean myself up.

When I was in labour with the boys I had to have my waters broken both times, so I had never actually experienced a spontaneous breakage and was unsure what it would be like. TV and movies would have you believe it is a great big gush. This was not what I had experienced. While sitting on the toilet I could hear a small trickle of liquid that would start and stop. If it weren’t for the fact that I couldn’t feel the liquid I would have thought I was peeing.

I decided that I had too much liquid on my legs to be able to clean up without a shower, so I got in to wash it off. Before I started the water I had a small gush of liquid. I was now pretty sure that my waters had broken. I put on new underwear and a pad and went into the bedroom to let Garry know, and to call my midwife. She said to come in and they would check me over to confirm my suspicions.

So once again, we collected our things and headed off to the hospital. As we pulled into the hospital carpark, about an hour after my first feelings of wetness, I had my first contraction. That was when I realised that even though the contractions the previous week had been consistent, they were definitely not intense at all.

We made it to the birthing suite, I was hooked up to the monitor, and proceeded to writhe in pain with each contraction. I was hating the monitor with a passion as it was stopping me from being able to change position, which was making the pain all the more intense. Eventually after about an hour they took me off the monitor and I was able to move around the room. My midwife let me know that she was going to leave me in the care of the on duty midwives and she would be back when there were signs that I was moving along in my labour.

At first I tried to brace myself with each contraction by leaning into the bed, but I could feel myself beginning to lose control. I wanted to give birth without drugs, so knew that I would have to get a grip to succeed. One of the midwives came in to check my progress. I was 4cm dilated, but given that that was the first time I had been checked I had no idea how quickly I was progressing. I decided to sit in the shower as I knew that the hot water had helped with both the boys, and I could always move to the bath if the shower stopped working.

Initially the hot water didn’t do much, until I began deep breathing. The only thing I can really equate the feeling to is when you are in a meditative trance. With every contraction I would breath through the pain and close my eyes, focusing on the feel of the water. At one point I nearly fell asleep between contractions, it is quite amusing to think that even though I was in pain I could manage a mini cat nap.

Time pretty much didn’t exist for me while I was in that shower. I could have been in there for 20 minutes or 20 hours for all I knew, but after one and a half hours (according to hubby) my midwife had come back in. She came in to check on how I was going and I swear I felt like a was drugged up with how drowsy I was. Suddenly the pain I was feeling went from being manageable with the hot water to being crazy. I had intense downward pressure and felt like I needed to hold the baby in. I told Garry to get the midwife back quickly.

So now here I was, naked, being helped to the bathroom floor of my birth suite, where one midwife had placed a padded mat for me to kneel on, while another directed the hot water on my back and I held on to Garry’s hands. We turned off the water while I was checked and informed that I could push when I felt ready.

This was such a different birthing experience to the boys, where I had ended up in the bed and was told when I should be pushing. It was almost freeing. Overtime I felt increased pressure I would push. Then I would rest in-between. My midwife was a great support, she encouraged me to push when I felt the need, and kept reminding me that I was doing a great job. Hubby was able to help me focus by holding me and offering comfort.

After 4 hours of labour and a few minutes of pushing, our little girl arrived into the world two weeks early on the 30th of December at 2.38am. I knelt on the mat while I held her. She barely made a noise. I remember asking one of the midwives if she was alright, and was told she was. I think her lack of crying really made me worry. I was moved to the bed, where we got to cuddle and kiss our daughter. She was perfect.


Harriet Aila has been in our world for 2 weeks now, and we have been in a blissful peace. She is definitely perfect. She rarely cries, sleeps really well, and is almost always content. If you had have told me this time last year that not only would I be a mum again, but I would also be the happiest I have been in a long time, I would have called you crazy. But Harriet has brought so much joy into our lives. Welcome to the world little one.






When life gives you lemons make . . . a baby?

On March 8, 2003, I was 18 and going into labour with my second child. Teen pregnancy is hard. You are judged by people who have never even met you before. You are spoken about ‘behind your back’ about how irresponsible you must be. It is expected that you must be a single parent who did it on purpose just to get those government benefits.

I was one of the lucky few. My two sons are now 16 and 15. They both get good grades at school. They are polite young men, who both have jobs and help out around the house. And I am still with their father. Unfortunately, statistically I am an anomaly when it comes to having not only both my children have the same father, but to also have stuck it out for this long. We are not married, but neither of us see the point of spending money on a wedding when we aren’t religious and in Australia we have all the rights of a married couple.

In fact I would go as far as saying that right now, in 2018, our relationship is probably the strongest it has been. We have been able to spend more time together as a couple now that our boys are becoming more independent. We have been able to make plans for what we want to do in the future when our boys are older and we are empty nesters.

Then in May this year we hit a bump in the road. Even though we had been using protection we discovered that I was pregnant. It was hard to begin with. What were we going to do with a baby? I have just finished university and become a teacher, would a baby destroy that? We were nearly into a new phase of being parents. How would this affect our boys when there are going through the hardest years of high school? I’m not going to lie. There were arguments. There were tears.

But we pushed through, and now, at 14 weeks, I can happily announce that after 15 years I am now going to be both a teen parent and an ‘older’ mum, because we are going to be parents again.


Tuesday Tunes – Wonderful – Janet Devlin

I officially started back at Uni yesterday. Technically I have finished for the year, but I have decided to do units over Summer session. I was going to be doing 2 units, but when my learning sites became available on Blackboard there were 4 units there. I looked at them all and there are only 2 assessments for each one which I think is achievable, and given our tight money situation I won’t really be doing anything over Summer anyway, so why not knock off a couple more units while I am poor hehe.

Anyway, I was listening to music on YouTube the other night and this song came up on my feed as a suggestion. I wasn’t to sure about it on the first listen, but ever since I have had it bouncing around in my head, and have found myself singing it under my breath at random intervals.

Throwback Thursday

In an attempt to start using my blog more I have decided to get on the Throwback Thursday bandwagon. And thanks to my mother’s obsession with uploading old photos of us on Facebook, I have a large supply of photos to share hehe.

This photo was taken on New Years Eve 2000 with my little brother and sister. I was 15! I remember my friends and I buying glitter bath bombs and a tin of glitter dust (which I still have!) from the Body Shop so we would be glittery all night. I was very much in love with the top I was wearing and I remember burning it with the iron and being devastated (the mark on the front is not the burn, it had a flower design on it).


the ugly B word

Today I am going to talk about a dirty topic. The kind of topic that in the past has had me running in the opposite direction with my eyes covers and saying “la la la la” as loud as I can. The horrible topic of . . . budgeting. ARRRRGGGGGGG! But stay tuned to the end as I will have a lovely give away at the end of this post to help you with your budgeting. Contest is now finished. Winner will be announced soon.

And the winner is

Carson W


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2013-14 Erin Condren Life Planner review

Hi guys,

so yet again I have dropped the ball when it comes to posting content in my blog, but who is surprised by that? I thought that it was about time that I did some sort of review on the Erin Condren Life Planner that I bought last June, but I figured that it was something that needed a video done on it. So thats what I did, I even created a YouTube channel just for the purpose. Go check it out and see what you think. Also if you are thinking of getting a Life Planner of your own you can get $10 off if you use this link – https://www.erincondren.com/referral/invite/natashacane


Erin Condren Life Planners

So I purchased an Erin Condren Life Planner this week, if you havn’t heard of them, they are these really cool planners that they market in a way that makes grown women feel like kids at Christmas. They are customisable, you can add on as much stuff to it as you need (or want?), and they look A M A Z I N G.

They take a while to get due to the customisable part, which makes the “kid at Christmas” feeling so much worse, I check my account about 3 times a day to see if there is an progress on it yet (there isn’t but then thats not suprising seeing as its July 4th time over in the US).

So what do crazy people (aka me) do when they have ordered a beautiful planner that they are itching to use 2 weeks ago? We make a temporary planner hehehe. I am actually pretty impressed with my efforts, I intend on using this as my Life Planner until my real one arrives then transfer everything into the pretty, customised, Erin Condren goodness.

This is the month view:

Month View

The weekly view:IMG_0471

and my goals for next week, I really hope this will keep me on track with my dieting.IMG_0472

Finished a quilt

I have been working on this quilt for a little while, it is for a friend who is having a baby in a couple of weeks. The top is small triangles pieced into larger triangles then all put together to form a rectangle. The backing is just left over pieces of fabric randomly sewn together. I used the Jungle Bungle fat quarter bundle from the Fat Quarter Shop. To quilt it I just stitched in the ditch so you can’t really see it on the front but the design of the front is mirrored in the quilting on the back.

IMG_0411 IMG_0413